Save labor cost! You no longer have to remove cores or add sand after aerating.

Save revenue!  You no longer have to close the course for several days during aeration.  You can even aerate during play.

The Air2G2 will allow you to aerate your greens deeper (up to 12") and better than ever before by injecting AIR into the soil and fracturing any compacted area below the surface.  And, with virtually no disturbance to the surface. This will allow roots to grow deeper, resulting in healthier grass.

​​​​​The Ultimate Soil C.P.R. Machine

Imagine aerating turfgrass better than any other process available today, and resume play immediately after.

No disturbance to the surface.

​The Concept of Air2G2

Save Money!!!

The new way of aeration

You can resume play immediately after aeration because there is virtually no disturbance to the surface.  No more cores to deal with, no topdressing to fill in holes.  No more angry golfers!

  • Relieve compaction

  • Increase porosity

  • Enhance water drainage​

  • Force gas exchange

  • Encourage microbial activity

  • Improve turf health